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OLD MAN trailer drop - Collider

Official trailer and poster drop for Old Man, available in theaters and on demand October 14, 2022.

OLD MAN sold to RLJE - Variety

Exclusive Variety write up about Old Man. 


The Farrah - Legendary Hair w/ Liana Wright-Mark

 "Legendary Liana Wright-Mark shares about being product of parents who met at Studio 54." 


Who's The Next Lin-Manuel Miranda? Why College Performers Are Becoming Songwriters, Too

Hollywood Reporter

CES: How Wearable Technology Could Change

Hollywood's Red Carpet

Coastal Eyewear Blog

"Fall In Love With Coastal" featuring Denny Balmaceda & Dennis Tejero

Broadway World

Pace New Musicals Writers Room Visits Murderous Musical Mondays at MURDER FOR TWO! 

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